The Project

Ottawa Love Stories: A Sonic Adventure Map is an interactive work in progress. It all started with sound. I like that the same sound can conjure up different memories/images/sensations. I like that sounds can be nostalgic, or futuristic, or otherworldly. And I like what sounds can make you feel (physically, psychologically, imaginarily).

As a public history student, thinking about “the public” is fundamental. We tend to conceive of “the public” as a single entity, made up of many. But what happens when it’s just one person? Would we make something different if we had one person in mind, rather than “the public” of Ottawa? What about private experiences? Like secrets. They’re intimate, yet they’re about sharing.

So Ottawa Love Stories is for you. It’s a community, but it’s about that individual experience of sharing your story, listening to it, or listening to other stories. It’s about the past, the present, and sometimes even the future. It’s about people, friendship, relationships, happiness, sadness, nostalgia, disappointment… love. It’s about the unique, it’s about choices, it’s about walking, hearing, knowing Ottawa differently. It’s creating a new history of the buildings, streets, and sidewalks we cross every day. It’s a collaboration.

I want you to share your love stories with me. Where they happen(ed), where they go and keep going in the city of Ottawa. Where do Ottawa’s love stories take place? And what do these places sound like? As the project progresses, you’ll be able to hear for yourselves.

Go to Maps to check out version 1.0 of Ottawa Love Stories. What’s next for the project? Adding more stories and developing an app to house them all in one easy, convenient place. Stay tuned and up to date by following [at]ottlovestories on Facebook and Instagram.